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The Benefits of Crafting for Seniors

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Regardless of your level in life, creating art and crafts is a wonderful way to express yourself, relax, and immerse yourself in a fulfilling project. Studies have shown that there are significant psychological and physical benefits in enjoying the art of others and engaging in creating your own.

One specific study showed that aging adults that participated in regular cultural programs, making art, and crafting visited the doctor less, have less prescribed medications, less fall risk, and feel happier and more socially connected.

The same study outlines the following benefits of participating in art for seniors:

  • It’s relaxing
  • It gives seniors a sense of control, which can diminish as they become more dependent upon caretakers. 
  • It’s great for meeting new friends, bonding with current friends, and general socialization
  • It encourages fun and risk-taking… the sky’s the limit with your own art. 
  • It improves cognition and is a great memory-enhancing activity. 
  • It strengthens their sense of self and allows free expression.
  • It eliminates boredom and boosts mood. 

Arts and Crafts Lift Spirits

For those seniors that have retired from a lifelong career, it may be hard to find a new purpose in each day as they move from one chapter to the next. Art can provide the new sense of meaning that seniors crave. Art classes are a great way to get the most benefit. The social aspect is often highlighted, but it’s also the direction that can help. For those that haven’t picked up a paint brush for years, it can be nice to have some direction to provide confidence as you dive back into the wonderful world of art.

The best class instructors promote playfulness and autonomy, not fitting a certain mold. True art is thinking outside the lines, after all. Regularly attending art classes can help reverse the symptoms of depression and anxiety and provide something to look forward to.

Crafts Can Boost Cognition

Some forms of art or crafting can improve hand-eye coordination and require focus and critical thinking. All of these are great for your brain and can help improve cognition. As we learn new skills or participate in new activities, our brains adapt and restructure by building new neurological pathways.

Art requires both sides of the brain to work in tandem, which helps form new connections between creativity and existing intelligence from years of life experience.

Art is for Everyone

You don’t have to have the talent of Leonardo Da Vinci to participate and create art. All you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to create.

Assisted living communities like Bellaire at Devonshire often offer regular art and craft classes and plenty of opportunities for creative expression. Bellaire at Devonshire has regular crafting days each Wednesday, but weaves art and creativity into every day. Our resident family has experienced everything from visiting local art museums to square dancing through a structured dance class, throwing pots, or making beautiful seasonal decorations to personalize their space.

Crafting at Bellaire at Devonshire

If you’re exploring your options in senior living communities, we invite you to schedule a visit and discover the Bellaire at Devonshire difference for yourself! We would be delighted to show you around and introduce you to our compassionate team.

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