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Assisted Living & Memory Care

In Scott Depot, West Virginia


We have lived at Bellaire at Devonshire for over a year and we feel very safe and secure here. We love the wide halls to wheel walkers, and to be able to go outside on the porch sidewalks. It is nice to set in the evenings and watch the black angus cows come home to feed on the farm next door. We love Bellaire it is our home.

– Jim & Sandy

Bellaire has an incredibly awesome facility. It is absolutely top shelf. If it were a restaurant it would surely be “5 Star 5 Diamond”.

But, there is also something there that ranks WAY ABOVE the facility. The quality of this entity reaches the heavens. And what am I referring to? “THE STAFF”! They should have wings and halos. They are gold medalists!

There is one thing left that even tops the aforementioned subjects and THAT IS THE RESIDENTS!

– Mr. Bellville

Quite literally I cannot find a better facility, or more capable group of people to take care of my 91 year old mother. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Bellaire. The nurses and aides have taken exceptional care of my mom, they really seem to care and go out of their way to help out the residents.

One thing that stands out is how professionally the facility is run. The people working are vetted to make sure they’re qualified and all standards for safety and operation are attended to. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a place for a family member than can no longer live on their own

– Mr. Gaines

It’s a special place, everything here is precious to me. There’s all kinds of activities for people to enjoy!

– Beulah

I came here on my own & I can leave here on my own, but I choose to stay I love it here! There is always something going on!”

– Doris

If I can’t be home this is the next best place, I’m thankful for all the hardworking individuals. My family visited about 5 or 6 different Assisted Living places and this is far above the others & I consider it a blessing to live here.

– Pauline

If I can’t be at home, this is the next best place to be, and I love it here!

– Anonymous
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