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Staying Active Socially is Important to Senior Living

Active Senior Living

It’s important to stay active socially as a Senior.

We all are social and we want to be around others.   Seniors are somewhat apprehensive to live in an assisted living or senior care communities.  It actually helps to be social and it can have a wonderful affect on seniors to be around other people. Benefits of the social interaction are:

Can Help with Sadness

With old age there are issues related to health and loss. Getting older is not easy,but having an active social life can ward off depression and improve the quality of life. Together, seniors can discuss their life including what makes them happy now,  their happy memories of their life and they can look forward to activities and events in the future.

Replaces Feeling of Loneliness 

We will all loose friends and loved ones, but living in a community of seniors can help with that sense of loneliness, and knowing that their peers are going through the same things can be comforting.Stimulates the mind

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are hard, but there are ways to decrease the severity of the symptoms. Conversation keeps the mind busy and social activities like card games and puzzles can help exercise the brain. Nothing speeds up the degradation of the mind quite like silence and inactivity, but living in a community of peers will encourage seniors to be social and help them maintain their mental faculties.

Extends life expectancy

All of the factors listed above help seniors stay healthy both physically and mentally. Individuals with good social lives are known to have fewer health problems, are happier, and ultimately live longer than their less social peers.

Happiness and health go hand in hand, which is why staying social lives and enjoying friendships are so important for the elderly. As many as 84.5% of independent living residents say that they would recommend their elder housing community to someone else. If your parent or loved one is hesitant to move into an assisted living facility, talk to them about the many benefits of staying social.

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