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Reopening Post-Pandemic

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Independence Day will often top the list when we think of reasons to celebrate in July. Fireworks, picnics, yard games, cold drinks, and – of course – freedom… all call for celebration. 

However, there’s a smaller, less-well-known holiday in July that we think needs to be celebrated extra-hard in 2021. 

Did you know that July is National Family Reunion Month? 

We think it’s fitting considering our residents have enjoyed reuniting with their friends and loved ones over the past few months after a year of quarantine. 

Our team has thoroughly enjoyed watching residents reconnect with their family and loved ones, as well as fellow resident friends through communal dining, activities, and scheduled visitations. 

In June, residential outings picked back up for the first time since early 2020. During one such outing, residents enjoyed some delicious ice cream from a local shop in Winfield. 

Senior Outing at Bellaire at Devonshire

While we’re not back to pre-pandemic “normal” yet (we’re still limiting group sizes & taking other safety precautions), it has been a breath of fresh air to hear the laughter and energetic conversations of visits happening around our community again. There has been no shortage of smiles all around. 

Bellaire at Devonshire is keeping a close watch on CDC and CMS guidelines to keep our resident family and our team safe while slowly returning to the normal pace of life here in our community. Safety will always come first, but we also know that mental health is a huge concern, especially after the last year of isolation. 

The topic of re-opening long-term care facilities and assisted living communities for visitors has been a hot topic lately. According to Dr. David Nace, “The responses should really be tailored to your environment — not just your state but your local microclimates and your local prevalence of disease.” Dr. Nace is president of the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine and chief medical officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Senior Communities.

The CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) pointed out that widespread vaccine availability makes indoor, maskless visits much safer than they were in previous months. 

Now that it appears the most imminent danger of the pandemic is behind us, there’s no denying the mental health improvements associated with socializing with friends, family, and loved ones again. 

Seniors at Bellaire at Devonshire

In fact, we’ve fully re-opened our dining room for meals and we’re encouraging residents to take all their meals there to socialize and reconnect with friends and neighbors. 

We are so thrilled that our community is returning to some semblance of “normal” and hope to continue to observe the beautiful smiles and happy faces of our residents as they resume normal visits with friends and loved ones. 

When we are Caring with H.E.A.R.T.™, We are All Family!

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