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The Founder's Club at Bellaire at Devonshire

Reflecting on the Year & COVID-19

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In the past year, we’ve experienced multiple supply shortages, but never a shortage in new challenges as we navigated the new waters of a global pandemic.

Bellaire at Devonshire has prioritized the safety of our resident family, while striving to keep morale high when some were feeling isolated from their family and loved ones. Thanks to our heroic staff, 2020 saw as many triumphs as struggles. From creative ideas for programs that kept our resident family socially engaged to our COVID-19 testing protocols and safety strategies, the Bellaire at Devonshire family deserves a standing ovation for their incredible work over the past year.


Throughout the year, the Bellaire at Devonshire team kept the activity calendar filled with safe and fun events that kept our resident family engaged and content through the difficult (and sometimes isolated) times. They were quick on their feet when it came to implementing the latest safety guidance. They were always one step ahead and making sure the community didn’t run out of critical supplies like masks, toilet paper, and other hard-to-find PPE and supplies.

Bellaire at Devonshire implemented rigorous testing strategies and screening questions for the team and residents that helped keep the virus in check within our community walls.

They did all of this with a smile while remaining calm, cool, and collected.


Devonshire, along with the rest of the world, became familiar with video conferencing technology. Our activities team was quick to get residents set up to engage with their families and loved ones when visits became impossible to arrange.

In December, the Holiday spirit was kept alive with cookie baking parties, a Christmas party, and other festivities.

holiday activities at bellaire at devonshire

From adult coloring to bingo to spa days (and everything in between), our resident family was never bored throughout the pandemic. Our team went above and beyond to make sure our resident family stayed connected to each other and their families throughout the pandemic.

activities at bellaire at devonshire


As the COVID-19 vaccine became available, our team rolled up their sleeves to make our first clinic happen as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to add an extra layer of protection for our community and we are hopeful for the future!
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