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Make March A Month to Munch Nutritiously

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March is full of dietary land mines. Start with Mardi Gras—Fat Tuesday—on March 1,
then National Potato Chip Day on March 14 and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.
You could celebrate way too much and enter food coma territory.
But we have an equalizer. March is also “National Nutrition Month® and best of all the
theme is great flavors. So step back from the King Cake leftovers, whole bag of potato
chips and second helping of shepherd’s pie.
We’ve got something better for you and some ways to explore flavor at your assisted
living facility. A great way to think about celebrating food and food culture is to try flavors
from around the world.

Variety is a good thing in eating, not only in different cultural tastes but also in foods you
might not normally eat. Healthy eating and living well in your retirement years include
choosing food from the different food groups. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains,
dairy and proteins.

Start the day out right

Breakfast can be your friend when it comes to new flavors, tastes, and foods. Have you
tried smoothies? You can go Caribbean with a tropical smoothie with papaya or mango.
Other fruits and vegetables that go in smoothies include cucumbers, spinach, bananas
and blueberries.
Maybe you’re partial to oatmeal. Try adding fruits or nuts and honey instead of brown
sugar. Think fresh flavors with breakfast with vegetable or fruit slices and add them to
your plate.
Go European with a Spanish omelet that might have potatoes and other vegetables.
Top it all off with a sprinkle of cheese.
You also help yourself out with all this good, flavorful food. Fruits and vegetables such
as berries and avocados and whole grains along with nuts and seeds help your brain
function and memory care.

Use snack time to eat healthy

National Potato Chip day is tempting, right? But instead of snacking on processed
foods, salty foods or sugary foods, take the healthy, flavorful and tasty route.
Fruit is always a great option. Fruit and plain yogurt, different fruits together, or fruit with
whole-grain bread and cheese, which is popular in many countries.
Another option from the fresh category are raw vegetables. All shapes, kinds and colors
will work, including carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, avocados and many other
vegetables. These veggies are a staple in many other countries.
Take a Middle Eastern approach to vegetables by dipping them in hummus, a dip
usually made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon and spices. Hummus adds fiber and protein
to your diet and tastes great! Veggies that go with hummus include avocados, bell
peppers, radishes, carrots and others.
Here’s another option: whole grain tortilla chips. Add some guacamole or salsa—can be
traditional or a fruit-based salsa that’s mild, medium or spicy—and you get nutritious
food along with a flavor burst.
And that’s how you munch well in March.

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