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Is it Dementia or Normal Memory Loss?

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The aging process often brings with it certain mental health challenges. Memory issues are one such age-related problem that many seniors face. Some memory loss or forgetfulness is inevitable and we all experience it as we age. 

Advanced memory loss becomes serious when a person forgets how to do everyday tasks like shopping, driving, or cleaning. It is important to look out for signs that reflect major memory issues so that timely treatment plans can be implemented for better outcomes. 

Dementia vs Age-Related Memory Loss

There is a difference between normal age-related memory loss and dementia. It is important to understand the difference between the two before you look for memory care for your loved one. Here are some signs of normal memory loss that every aging person may face:

  •       Occasional forgetfulness about the location of items of regular use such as a pen, glasses, or keys. 
  •       Not being able to recall the names of colleagues or friends
  •       Getting confused between similar names or terms
  •       Entering a room and forgetting the purpose
  •       Missing an appointment with the doctor due to forgetfulness
  •       Finding difficulties in remembering dates or other important information
  •       Getting distracted during long conversations

Dementia, on the other hand, is not a normal part of the aging process. It is an extreme situation in which a person loses the cognitive capability in the brain. He or she loses the power to think, learn, remember, or reason normally. 

Dementia is also marked by drastic changes in behavior. People suffering from dementia are faced with total lifestyle changes. It is not just the memory loss that affects them. Most are also dealing with issues related to attentiveness, visual perceptions, or basic language skills. The problem exists in different forms with Alzheimer’s being the most common. 

Dementia is a serious problem that needs attentive and compassionate care and proper medical treatment.

The Right Time to See a Doctor

When the memory loss becomes frequent and starts to worry family members, it is time to encourage your loved one to go in for a doctor’s consultation. The signs will become very obvious as you will notice their activities and behaviors changing. 

A doctor will be able to tell you the exact reason behind the changed behavior or frequent memory lapses. If the diagnosis is completed at an early stage, treatment can help the dementia patient to improve quality of life for as long as possible. 

Memory Care Programs

When an aging loved one has been diagnosed with some form of dementia, memory care is typically the preferred choice to ensure they get the care and attention they need as part of a reputable senior living community. 

Memory Care programs can provide a safe and comfortable environment for those dealing with dementia to get the best care possible. 

When searching for a Memory Care program, be sure it:

  • Has dedicated staff experienced with Memory Care
  • Is safe with locked doors to prevent your loved one from wandering into dangerous areas, such as traffic
  • Provides high levels of care with a focus on maintaining autonomy for as long as possible
  • Provides plenty of activities and amenities to keep your loved one engaged, healthy, and happy as much as possible

Memory Care at Bellaire at Devonshire

In our Innovations Memory Care Program , we offer “life-work stations”. The purpose of these stations is to provide familiarity to residents during a time when they need it most.

Stations are designed to provide unique benefits, including recollection, communication, and improved relationships. As our residents engage at one of our life-work stations, we learn more about them, their past experiences and their likes and dislikes.

Life-work stations help reduce frustration and restlessness through everyday activities. They encourage residents to exercise their cognitive abilities and maintain muscle flexibility.

Our current stations include:

  • Nursery 
  • Laundry folding station 
  • Flower shop/art station

Stations may change with resident needs and preferences.

Our Memory Care residents enjoy the finest in assisted living thanks to our customized levels of care, available services, focus on health and wellness, and enriching amenities. Residents of Bellaire at Devonshire enjoy greater independence and are able to live life to the fullest.

Want to learn more? Call us today: 304-760-5290

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