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Senior Healthy Habits

Senior Healthy Habits

Good health habits help to prevent disease and prolong your life, but they can also improve your overall quality of life and make it possible to do the things you like doing without pain. Make these habits part of your daily lifestyle and you’ll see long lasting rewards.

Take Advantage of Free Screenings

Seniors should make the most of free physicals during their first 12 months on Medicare. They are also entitled to annual wellness visits after that first year. Lots of communities also provide free annual screenings for seniors for a variety of health issues, including mental health. Keep up with regular health checkups to feel your best.

Prevention is Key

Keep your vaccinations current – it is particularly important for seniors to keep up with regular influenza vaccines. Doctors also stress the value of vaccines that prevent pneumonia, shingles, and other illnesses that affect seniors.

Keep your doctor informed about the medications you take and ask questions about drug interactions and side effects. Take note of new or different symptoms.

Mind Your Medications

Talk to your doctor regularly about the medications you take and how you take them. Find out how a medication works and if you should be concerned about any drug interactions. Let your physician know when you have new or different symptoms such as drowsiness or loss of appetite.

Tend to Your Teeth

The risk of cavities, mouth infections, and other serious health conditions increases as we age. Be sure to see your dentist every six months to maintain a healthy smile. Checkups also allow the dentist to check for mouth cancers or diseases that need treatment.

Keep an Eye on Your Vision

Visit your optometrist yearly to check for prescription changes in your glasses, and have your eyes checked for health issues. Vision is a vital factor in senior health. Issues related to vision can affect balance, mental health, the ability to drive, and many other aspects of an independent living.

Think About Your Mental Health

Focusing on good mental health habits provides many benefits for seniors. Be honest and aware of your feelings and talk to loved ones and caregivers about how you feel. Keep your mind sharp with new hobbies, puzzles, and goals. Volunteering can also motivate you and energize your mental powers, prevent isolation, and give seniors a sense of purpose.

Keep Moving

Senior Health tipsExercise is a crucial component of healthy aging. Regular physical activity helps improve memory and can prevent anxiety and depression. Exercise can also lessen the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation. Take a short, leisurely stroll or go for long power walks – exercise can help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. Talk to your doctor about an approved routine.

Feed Your Health

Digestion begins to slow in seniors, and a high fiber diet is more important than ever. High-fiber whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will keep your system working optimally. Drink plenty of water to keep your metabolism working properly. Water will keep you energized and mentally sharp and prevents a variety of symptoms related to dehydration.

Get Your Best Sleep

Sleep is useful and very important for seniors. The body and the mind heal and recover during restful sleep, allowing us to be more alert during waking periods. Dim the lights early in the evening and as you approach bedtime to encourage restfulness. Choose a book instead of watching TV or listening to the radio when you relax for bedtime. Make sure your bed is comfortable and that the room is cool enough for sleeping.

Maintaining Senior Health

Maintain Relationships

Spend time with loved ones, family, and friends – socialization is one of the best ways for seniors to prevent depression, isolation, and anxiety. Your support system of family and friends will help you to have a good attitude while you start integrating your healthy habits into your lifestyle.

You can share these ideas with your loved ones and caregivers – they are helpful for everyone!

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