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Having a Conversation with an Senior Parent

Information about Charleston WV Assisted Living Bellaire at Devonshire

Today, the average age of retirement in the United States is 63 years old.   It’s never too early to have a conversation with your parents about their wishes for their care when they get to the point of needing assistance.  Some seniors are moving into assisted care communities early as they know and have researched how many senior communities are great places for seniors to live and can be fun.   Your senior parents deserve the best, so it’s important to begin early and take their needs and wants into consideration.

What’s most important to your senior parent 

It’s a big move to consider senior care communities and your parents deserve to be involved in the conversation and research of the community.  Find out what is most important to your parent(s).   Many times parents have spent their entire life taking care of you and others, so they don’t always consider what they want.  You can help them determine what they want to decide if they want to be highly active in their community or perhaps they want some well deserved relaxation time.   Whatever the need and wants of your senior partner are, you can find out before you have to make a decision so that the transition into senior living is smooth for everyone.


Consider Bellare at Devonshire for a senior care community in the Huntington and Charleston, WV area.  Bellaire at Devonshire has a little something for everyone.

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