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Assisted Living & Memory Care

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Financial Resources

Bellaire is aware that many families need to understand the financial obligations involved in making the best decisions for their loved ones. We wish to help inform you of some ways to help address the obligations of assisted living with access to the following financial resources:

Elder Life

ElderLife Financial has available line of credit programs for senior care that are waiting to sell their home or are waiting for other benefits to begin. Contact ElderLifeFinancial.com to determine which program is best for your family member.

Life Credit Company

Life Credit Company’s purpose is to provide funds to life insurance policy holders through a Living Benefit Loan™ program. Visit Lifecreditcompany.com for more information.

Veteran’s Aide & Attendance Benefits

Veteran’s benefits are available for U.S. veterans or the surviving spouses of a veteran. Determine if you are eligible, then you may be able to receive a federal pension to help pay for personal care such as assisted living.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term-care insurance can provide care needed when a senior need aid with activities of daily living, such as bathing or eating. Newer policies generally cover dementia care as well. Please consult your insurance company for benefits.

Tax Deductible Benefit

We recommend you consult your Certified Public Accountant to understand the law in regards to tax deductible benefits.

Companion Rates

Bellaire’s consultants are available to discuss available companion suite options.

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