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COVID-19 Important Updates


June 29, 2020

Dear Family Members and Loved Ones,

As we continue to follow guidance from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we will also continue to hold the safety of our residents as high priority as well as maintaining the understanding that our seniors remain as the most vulnerable population.

On Wednesday, July 1st we begin a new phase for reopening our community to visitors.  We will be following a new visitation protocol so families and friends can visit their loved ones. If the following measures are not adhered to, window visits will be reintroduced for those who do not comply.

All visitors will be screened using the Covid-19 screening checklist and body temperature will be measured by community personnel.
Limited Visitation

• No more than two visitors allowed at the same time, by appointment only at 304-760-5290.
• Visits must take place in a resident’s apartment or outdoors.
• Visits will be allowed up to a 3 hour time limitations imposed at BDV’s discretion
• Visitors must wear face-covering at a minimum, maintain 6 ft. social distancing, and use proper hand hygiene.

Non-essential personnel
Non-essential healthcare and other personnel and contractors allowed as determined necessary by the facility. Please maintain 6 ft. social distancing, use proper hand hygiene, and wear a face covering.

Trips outside the facility
Only medically necessary trips outside the facility by BDV transport.  Family members may transport residents to and from medical trips but must be screened prior to departing Devonshire with residents.  Please alert Director of Health & Wellness, Wanda Haynes, or Director of Memory Care, Jennifer Byrd when a medical visit transport by family or friend is made.

Permission for non-medical visits will need to be made to Executive Director, Charity Sayre.  One week advance notice of the event will be much appreciated.
Communal dining

• Communal dining for residents allowed if 6 ft. social distancing can be maintained.
• Proper hand hygiene must be used by residents.
• Residents must wear face covering, as tolerated, to and from the dining area.

Group activities & Therapy services
• Group activities and therapy allowed if 6 ft. social distancing can be maintained.
• No more than 10:1 ratio, resident to staff.

  • Group activities and therapy must take place in a facility-designated location.
    • Proper hand hygiene must be used by residents.
    • Residents must wear a face covering, as tolerated, to and from the activity or therapy. 

  • Salon services
    Beauticians can provide services to residents if the safety guidelines required for hair salons, nail salons, and barbershops, as applicable, can be maintained.

If you have any questions at all, we are here for you. Please call us at 304-760-5290. Stay Safe!

Charity Sayre, Executive Director

Devonshire Executive Director – Community Update – Visitation Update – 6-29-2020


During this time of uncertainty over coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and well-being of our residents, families, and team remain, as always, our top priority. By working together, staying patient, and implementing the best care practices possible, we can navigate this uncertain time together, as a community.

We are currently following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines relating to COVID-19. As preventive measures, we have put the following policies in place in our community.


Want Important Community Updates? Text “DEVONSHIRE” to 855-906-2913

Pursuant to our desire to keep our families and residents informed of any changes associated with our COVID-19 prevention efforts we have established an opt-in text number as an additional channel of communication for important updates. If you wish to receive updated information via text, please text the word “Devonshire” to 855-906-2913. Thank you in advance for supporting our protocols and assisting with keeping our residents, families and team members safe.


We understand the importance of staying together as much as possible through these uncertain times. If you would like to schedule a video chat with your loved one, please call the main number, and our concierge will help you get this session booked. Thank you so much, and we hope all are staying healthy and well.


We thank you for your continued cooperation with our current visitation restrictions. Additionally, we understand you probably have questions around why the restrictions are in place. Below is a video link from Dr. David Gifford, Chief Medical Officer (AHCA/NCAL) that will help everyone understand the why behind our current restrictions. As always, we put our residents first and appreciate your cooperation.


· No visitors will be permitted until further notice.

· Limited exceptions may be made in extreme cases or end-of-life care situations. Express approval must be given; contact our mainline for further details.

· Healthcare providers (e.g., home health staff, visiting physicians, hospice staff, etc.) will be granted access to our community after passing an entry screening process.

· No vendors will be allowed in our community unless their visit is absolutely essential.


· Communal dining has been suspended. Meals will be delivered directly to the resident’s room.

· All group activities and special events have been canceled.

· Friends and family members are encouraged to call their loved ones often. We believe that frequent phone calls will boost our residents’ moods as they adjust to these changes.


· Team members are continuing to practice standard infection control procedures.

· Every team member will have their temperature checked daily before each shift. Anyone with a fever or cold-like symptoms will be sent home.

We know that this is a challenging time for everyone, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in keeping our community safe. Should you have any concerns, please call our community directly.

As this situation progresses, we will continue to use this page for future updates. Stay tuned.



  • Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC): For current COVID-19 Updates – please click here.

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