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Diabetes Awareness Month

elderly diabetes awareness

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects 30.3 million people in America. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and we want to give you our guide to understanding and treating diabetes to help you or your loved ones stay healthy.

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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter Safety for Seniors

Winter is a beautiful season, but the ice and snow can make it difficult for anyone—especially seniors. Although this season presents some unique challenges, it’s possible to be prepared to face them.

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5 Best Exercises for Arthritis

Couple Exercising

Exercise can be an extremely helpful tool to combat arthritis. Not only can it help reduce pain, exercise can also increase range of motion, boost joint flexibility, and even improve your mood.

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How Family Caregivers can Prevent Burning Out

Family Caregiver and Patient

Being a caregiver can be stressful and strenuous, and can lead to caregiver fatigue if not averted. Let’s take a look at the different ways family caregivers can protect themselves from burnout when supporting a friend or loved one.

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Handling Grief After Losing a Spouse

senior on park bench

Imagining a future without your partner can be an incredibly intimidating thing. By developing new interests outside of your home, you can start to cope with this new stage in your life.

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How to Prevent Depression in the Elderly

Preventing Depression in Elderly

Depression is a common problem that many people face as they age. It’s important to recognize the symptoms in you or a loved one, and take proactive measures to ensure that your mental health remains a priority.

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What Are the Stages of Dementia?

stages of dementia

Dementia occurs as a result of damage to or loss in nerve cells and their connections in the brain. Health professionals often discuss the stages of dementia and outline how far an individual’s cognitive decline has progressed by stages.

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Tornado Season is Upon Us

Tornado safety

While Spring is a wonderful time of the year, it also is a signal that tornado season is just around the corner. Are you prepared if the sirens go off?

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The Power of Touch

Importance of Touch

Whether we are a newborn infant, a petulant teenager, an overwhelmed new mother or an aging senior citizen, the power of touch can produce miraculous results.

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Seniors in Need of Support

Modern families have changed dramatically, leaving some seniors essentially “orphaned”. Learn how to provide support and how senior living communities can help.

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Winter Weary

Winter produces a wide range of difficulties that present obstacles for seniors. Learn why an assisted senior care community is the best way to keep the season safe and joyful.

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Try Tai Chi!

Tai Chi for Seniors

We've all heard someone tell us "Try Tai Chi - it's so good for you!" And it is! Tai Chi is simple to learn and contributes to good health.

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Senior Healthy Habits

Senior Healthy Habits

Good health habits can prevent disease and prolong your life and improve your quality of life. These healthy habits can produce long lasting rewards.

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Technology and Seniors

Technology for Seniors

Technology today continues to develop new methods for us to connect electronically. Studies show that the senior community often benefits from these advances more than the rest of the population. In spite of innovations that have made it easy for...

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Volunteer to Make a Difference in Your Life

Senior Volunteer Opportunities

The effects of volunteering have been proven to be so effective as a way to help seniors find motivation and fight depression that the United Kingdom’s National Health Service labeled volunteering activities as one of five recommended behaviors for health...

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Moving Day: Discover a New Home

moving into assisted living

Mom is excited - she's ready to make new friends, decorate a new room, and there are so many activities to try! She won't have to care for the yard anymore or drag the vacuum up and down the stairs....

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Choosing the Best Assisted Living Community

Choosing the Best Assisted Living Community

If you or someone you love has decided it would be nice to have help with the cleaning and housework or has noticed that they need more help to accomplish daily activities, it may be time to consider an assisted...

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Nutrition for Seniors: Feed Your Best Life

Nutrition is the key that can unlock health and healing - your diet can help you avoid the doctor and allow you to enjoy life more! The choices you make about what is on your plate can affect your mood...

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