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Assisted Living To Promote Independent Living

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Many seniors initially shy away from the idea of moving into an assisted living community. Some feel that they will be losing their independence. Others have misconceptions about what assisted living really is and fear they won’t be able to retain their favorite hobbies, lifestyle, eating habits, or even decorate the way they want to. 

Modern day assisted living communities are far from the nursing home care of the distant past. Good communities provide compassionate care with a friendly, fun environment that focuses on retaining autonomy for each resident and encourages individuality and independence. 

Assisted living is the middle ground between independent living and skilled nursing care facilities. They have all the benefits of both the safety and peace of mind that comes with having round-the-clock professional nurses available to the autonomy of choosing what each day will look like based on your interests and desires. 

Most seniors report feeling a little uneasy when they first moved into an assisted living community. However, they also report falling in love with the carefree lifestyle, neighbors that become friends, and care teams that become like family. 

It’s no surprise that assisted living communities are the fastest-growing housing option for seniors in the United States. That’s because they’re not built on a medical model, they’re built instead on a social model that treats each resident with dignity, respect, and as a treasured member of the family. Seniors can thrive through their golden years when matched with the right community.

The strong sense of community and feeling of “home” is palpable whenever you’re touring one of these special communities. 

Safety, Fun, & Peace Of Mind

Assisted living is a wonderful way for seniors to thrive into their golden years while enjoying the convenience of carefree living at its finest. Most communities boast a full social calendar, pristine fitness centers, and many built-in amenities that are sure to delight even the pickiest resident. 

Friends and family members are typically grateful for these communities for the safety and security they provide to their aging loved one. Nurses are available 24/7 for any medical concerns that might arise and the communities are designed with safety in mind. 

Seniors can let go of the stress of maintaining a home and property, securing safe transportation to and from errands and appointments, and relax into the fun-packed calendar of events each community has to offer. 

Maintaining Independence 

One of the basic tenets of assisted living is to encourage independence and autonomy. Unlike nursing home facilities, residents of the assisted living communities have their own private apartments and can set their own daily schedules however they’d like. 

Residents enjoy meals in the cafeteria, or they can feel free to take their meal back to their apartment. Many also have private dining rooms that can be reserved if loved ones are visiting. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of assisted living is the fostering of a tight-knit community. Neighbors become fast friends. It’s easy for artists to bond over art activities or musical residents to bond over playing the piano.

Senior citizens are one of the most at-risk populations for experiencing feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation. Having a supportive community and a few great friends that you’re seeing every day can be a great way to ward off these feelings and help you feel content and hopeful as you head into your golden years.


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